Healthcare-Associated Infections

Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are a big problem: 1 in 10 patients admitted into a Canadian hospitals will pick up an infection during their stay, and over 8,000 of them will die because of it. With better infection prevention and control practices (including better cleaning), 30-50% of these HAI cases can be eliminated.

Hospital Environmental Hygiene

Keeping track of cleaning can be difficult in a hospital environment with hundreds of rooms and thousands of pieces of equipment. Some of this equipment is mobile--not only are moving objects more difficult to track, microbes can hitch a ride as they move throughout the hospital from patient-to-patient-to-patient. There needs to be a simple method to track cleaning.

A Patch That Helps

Peel and stick the IndiClean™ patch onto a surface and wipe with liquid disinfectant to change colour. It activates as you clean! Over time, the colour changes back to indicate that it is time to clean again. IndiClean™ is re-usable so wipe again and again to track cleaning.

Introducing IndiClean™

No more writing on tape, no more remembering... Simply wipe to activate and let the patch tell you when to clean again!

IndiClean by Lunanos is a small adhesive patch that can be placed on various places in the healthcare environment to track cleaning and visually inform cleaning staff of the need to clean again. The innovation behind IndiClean is that it is printed with a proprietary ink that changes colour when it is cleaned with a liquid disinfectant. After a set period of time, the original colour re-appears, indicating that it is time to re-clean the surface.

VIDEO: Lunanos spotlighted on U of T News

Lunanos co-founder Scott McAuley speaks with University of Toronto News about the big problem of healthcare-associated infections and Lunanos' new IndiClean™ product which will help healthcare facilities track cleaning.
Click here to link to U of T News.

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